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Lendefi’s innovative protocol brings significant opportunities to the markets and empowers the ability to select from a variety of supported assets for lending, leveraged trading, and borrowing funds.
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Trade long and short positions
Leverage up to 5x
Lend any of multiple assets
Lendefi Staking Rewards
Stake iTokens & earn interest
1% Transaction fee split between all LDFI token holders

The Lendefi Token ($LDFI) is a community focused reflection and governance token.

Fees and burning - transaction fees generated by the use of the Protocol are used to purchase LDFI tokens from the market for the purpose of burning and rewards.
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Core Technologies


Completely Decentralized
Lendefi aims to become a completely decentralized finance protocol which operates on smart contracts. This allows the platform to be highly secure and trustless.
Undercollateralized Loans
Users can access Undercollateralized Loans (“UCL”) to purchase crypto assets, which simply means that the user can borrow more than their held collateral.
Secured Lending
Lendefi Protocol facilitates secured lending, via its liquidation mechanism, providing confidence to lenders in the highly volatile cryptocurrency markets.
Decentralized Governance
The Lendefi Protocol will be governed by the community of LDFI token holders. Governance will be facilitated through the voting process inherent within the DAO.
Fully Audited

Lendefi Pilot DAO

-  Most active Lendefi token holders

-  Propose and vote for marketing initiates

- Make associated budgets decisions and  expenditure.
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